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Thursday, 14 November 2013


Hot Import Night Danga City Mall Part 1

10th Nov 2013, went to Danga City Mall with my wife to the Hot Import Night autoshow event. The event was held inside the Expo hall of Danga City Mall. This expo site is well known for its various big event held here. DCM always held big event such as this and occasionally big brand like Levi's, Quiksilver, Renoma held their warehouse sale here.

HIN was held here from 9-10 Nov, since my wife is in her pregnancy period I went there at the end of the show. That is enough time for me to snap several pictures of all the magnificent car displayed there. Entering fee is RM 5 per person into the HIN. Since it was the end of the event so parking is not a problem, and i went there around 9.30pm. It the end date of the show and not so many people around, what left now is the car's owner and their friends standing around and admiring their winning throphy.

In autoshow i'm not into the winning, the trophy or the ranking it only about the car that were put on shows. I'm also not into extreme modified body kit as to me all the modification they made to me is totally ridiculous, it not brilliant, it not that nice, it overdo, it like superman wearing pink underwear and trying to look cool. I went there to see all the cars, the baddest,  the hottest, the fierce, the extreme modified performance, all what a petrol head would think about. So let go through the HIN again with me. 

Stepping inside the HIN expo event is like heaven to me. There sitting at one corner is the Toyota GT86 will full modified bodykit and M7 stripe. This Toyota GT86 is from Mutiara motors company.

GT86 M7

Curve perfection and legend hachiroku
My wife love this car because it TOYOTA, not because it GT86. Hehe.
Next of course the all time favourite NISSAN SKYLINE. I didn't see any other models of the Skyline in this HIN. Only R35 were in displayed this time all in standard setup and road legal. Just like what daily car would look like. But Hey, its a Skyline and I love it !!

"This is Brazilllll~~" Vin Diesel used to say
Row of the R's
See the muffler?
Sruttt sruttt the sound of the air go in or go out?
The brake pot. Ahhhhh
For this part, the best car is the next car which is a Ford Mustang Cobra GT500 V8. This car is the most epic and classic of all car in the HIN event. It also the rarest to see in Malaysia. Once its roar you better cover your ear as the V8 sound would easily eat up your eardrum.

The true muscle car
Dear to ride this one nasty bastards?!
After several explanation she felt in love with it. Hehe. "Buruk" is her most daring word. Why women would not felt in love with muscle car right? Its "muscle" after all.
Ok, that the end of Part 1 till next time will upload the Part 2. Seat tight and enjoy the pictures. Bye
p/s: All the pictures can be used for my next mokit project, but which one do I start first? Hmmmm..


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