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Monday, 24 September 2012


Sept 19 - Just gone back from work trip at KL for 3 days. HE were left untouched outside of the house >facepalm<. I got news from my cousin saying that HE had gone to Kota Tinggi >2nd >facepalm< driven by my uncle >3rd facepalm< without telling me first >4th facepalm<. Waah, HE was like a charity car without me around. Grrr..

Lucky for me there was nothing bad happen to HE. Interior and exterior still in good conditions. The only thing startled me is when I start to turn the key to ignition point. Big chunk of rock with  "WHAT" engraving suddenly drop on my head!!

HE suddenly not breathing well! Puff!! Puff!! Puff!! 

The RPM is 900 but the sound is like HE trying so hard to breath. I then tried to rev the engine to its cut off limit, the result remains the same. HE still no breathing right. Revving several times and the asthma worsen. Looking at the water temp its indicator is climbing to its second bar slowly. Then i suspected that maybe the temperature outside is cold causing the petrol not flowing correctly, the times is at 10.30pm.Then I noticed that the engine broken signal is illuminating!! What nonsense is this, HE was recently services at Proton Services Center!!

HE is still producing Puff!! Puff!! Puff!! sounds. Then I pop up the front hood to check on the engine bay maybe I get some idea when I saw the engine bay. Popping the hood I saw nothing odd. What is exactly happen to HE?

Then I tried to be like I know what I am doing, touching here and there. Try to make sure that nothing is loosen maybe wire or something like that. I look at the engine and see that HE rattle so hard to make sure that the engine is smooth like before.

I think I had done enough damage by touching the engine like a man that have a superpower to heal anything that broken. I close down the hood and got inside the car. Revving again and still the same. The engine broken signal still illuminate and burn my heart like charcoal thirst for fire.

Last resort la ni, I shut down the car. Pretend like nothing happen. Disconnected all the power and tried to start the car again. Turn the key On to ignition and the signal still there. Turn off again. Argghhh!! Why??

Then I turn key On, waited for the ABS and Airbag dimmed away and ignite HE. The signal of broken engine had gone!! Waahhh, its working!!

Like a beast gasping for fresh air HE revving like crazy and the sounds of smoothness is mesmerizing. I was so relieve that HE is normal again and working at its full potential. But then again, Why is HE suddenly become like that?

Any idea everyone?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Unbrick Samsung Tab 7.0 Plus

Samsung Tab 7.0 plus ramai orang pakai pasal saiznya yang sedap-sedap and ngam-ngam untuk korang yang suka sangat online tak kire waktu dan tempat kat mana. Samsung Tab 7.0 plus ni juga sedap ngancam wat main game pasal tak besar sangat cam Tab sebelum ni and tak kecik sangat cam Samsung Galaxy Y.

    Yela, Samsung Tab 7.0 plus memang terbaik dan tidak perlu disangkal lagi. Memang canggih habis Samsung Tab 7.0 plus kekuatan dan kebaikan Tab ni haruslah disebabkan oleh sifat dalamannya. Jadi hari ni aku nak tunjuk kat korang apa rupa Tab korang selepas dicerai beraikan dan berapa banyak je kawasan yang penting dalam Tab korang tu.

    Hah, korang bayangkan betapa susahnya nak ciptakan Tab tu. So korang janganlah senang-senang je tinggal sana sini yer. Jagalah beliau seadanya dan seelok-eloknya.

Peace no war. 

Best out there

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