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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Messi The Messy

EFA Champions League: 

FC Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea FC


This morning games were full of joy for The Blues fans. Many review had been published to give you the best views of the games but no review is the best review as watched the games is not the same as read the game review. I didn’t have the chances to watch the game but I really waited for the games outcomes. Just as aspect, Barca is standing on the highest peak of their game and just waiting to their downgrade. Or just maybe Barca had some trick behind their sleeve. Enough say, the statistics shows it all. 

Total Shots
Shots on Target
Pass Accuracy
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

Monday, 23 April 2012

Prestigious Preve, prestige for all

Front view of the Preve at Proton Showroom. Preve CVT CFE Premium variant.
  Preve is a word that means proof. The name carriers everything what Proton aspires to and, ultimately delivers. But don’t take their word for it. Let the cars be the proof of their commitment to be better. Proton knew that Malaysia future car owner knew better then Proton itself.

  Through the time when Proton were established, may people were so skeptical and take Proton for granted. The Preve were hope to be better, an eye opener for all the people out there.

Front view of the flyer.
Morning, 21 April 2012, I had the chances to test derive the so prestigious Preve. From the pictures on the flyers the car seems to be not so cool and dull at the same time. After went through the flyer for approximately 2 hours the car suddenly shows its glows. After you had tested drive the cars you then would be amazed by the cars. Illuminate that the prestigious word for it.

         The Preve had so much new technology by Proton but outdated technology for the market.  First impression inside the showroom the cars were great and outstanding. With solid white color by Alesco in premium variant the car is even more prestigious. The Preve body lining curve and building had so much resemblance to the current market cars right now.  Proton had mix up several design characteristic from other cars in Preve. People can clearly see the resemblances. First thing you notice from Preve first time you look at it is the enormous and beastly look front grill. The grill was so big that it wrapped the front side of the cars almost 70%.
Straight forward curve. Just my point of view la.
            The grill is square if viewed at the front side to hide its 200++ hp inside the engine bay. This made the cars looks humble and cools at the same time. Sometimes the front grill did remind me of a Chevrolet Camaro. From my personal point of views the grill design should shows its beastly and horrified hp by added stylo shape grill not square and flat design. But yet again Preve market segment were family men and executive person where as this segment can easily settle the intended figure demanded bu Preve.

The fat ass and bulky yet in shape spender steering. I want this in my FLX!

   Opening the driver door you immediately be caught on view by the steering. The sterring is same as the Exora bold but for a person that never goes in an Exora the steering is so beautiful with its fat yet tough appearance you cant wait to hold it. Even its fat and tough you can notice that the handle bars is smaller compared to FLX. It’s a well balanced design of steering. With small paddle shifters and frankfurter size wiper and signal level you knew that something is messy there. Then you tried to look forward through the windshield but your eyes detected something, the meter panel. You look a glimpse of the meter for a second then you stop staring at the meter panel as its so boring. You look forward again and again its happened, your eyes automatically fixed and at the black tinted areas just behind the rear view mirror. The new auto rain sensors were placed here and black tinted were used to hide the big sensors anomaly. On the flyer it can’t be seen but on the real car it’s bugging me.  

Some said that the wood trim is inspired from Merc? Come again?!
   Then comes the dashboard panel appearances.With wood wannabe trim but no wood colored this can be a mistake maybe? It’s better to let the dashboard panel standard without a wood like surface but not wood-like dashboard panel. Next you are looking for radio and notice that no Clarion installed inside Preve. Premium variant offer built in GPS embedded on the centre of the cars with touch screen features and no Clarion names on it. Blurrghhh!

Gear knob. Notice the special S. Sport/SAT?
You look further down and notice the gear knob with P, R, N, D, S were present on the gear level. S is for Stepped Automatic transmission (SAT) and L were replaced with +ve,-ve gear shifting that can be change by driver smoothly.  Suddenly you felt comfortable and cozy on you body from head to toe, thanks to the seating of Preve. I really love the seat of Preve that come in fabric with water repellent in bracket. Then you put your hand on the door panel you noticed modern and Forte shape design with something missing. Preve had no door lock stick pointing out of the panel. Its equipped with auto lock and to unlock it you have to pull the open level twice. Brilliant!

The rear armrest with 2 cup holder. I want his also!
The boot that can fit 5 person. Perfect!
At the front end of the door panel is the push to start button with key slot. Going at the rear seat you can feel the comfort with wide ergonomic seats and plenty of rear leg room for the passengers. The rear seat also is slightly deep inside to demonstrate lean just like a chair. With Isofix seat mounting you can folded down the rear set and see the rear bonnet completely exposed to enormous space for bigger items. The bonnet offers 508 liter of boot space giving you plenty of room to stuff up the Preve. Your elbow suddenly felt the comfort of fabric seating when rear center arm rest come to the rescue completed with 2 bottle/cup holders. WOW!

Remind you of any car? BM..? What letter after that huh?
Seeing the rear view you noticed only 60% of the rear view can be seen in your eyes. Other 40% of the rear views its blocks by the rear speaker holder with transformers – like shape. COOL! Then you go to the rear of the cars because you though there was a pretty girl passing by just now but there wasn’t. Disappointed you look at the rear of the cars you noticed rear curve of the Preve is so sexy and voluptuous yet modern at some spot and it’s somehow making you less disappointed. The rear tail lamp just outstanding and give the effect of slims rear back whereas in reality it is a fat ass but in slim style. Preve curve and body lining is astonishing at the rear and it’s remind of the rear end of a BMW body style design. Nice!

The embedded spoiler shape on the Preve body lining.
Overall, Preve has delivered an outstanding package and set up Proton design and ideas at a new ascending order. Good job Proton.

The tutorial how to drive Preve the correct way.
Driving the car! Superb!!! Reaching to 7 gears!
Next is the test drive. Sitting at the driver seat you can see that the seat and sterrig height is perfectly measured at Asian level. You can see the entire road with perfect view, not to big and yet not to small. Grasping the steering give you the goosebumps as you can’t wait to unleashed the full power of the Campro CFE. I did had the chances to test the multilink suspension along the sharp and curvy roads of Kulai. This time Proton had nearly nailed the bumpy and hard suspension problems with smooth and comfort suspension. Multilink does feel better then torsion beam. The throttle pedal is quite sensitive with quick to the top engine response, thanks to the turbo power that push the cars from 0-100km/h in 9.6 seconds. Then you engaged the gear knob to manual shifting enabling you to play with the gears. The shifter is smooth and change to correspond gear almost immediately. I did push the RPM to 4000 and then the Campro CFE reached its roar peak and I shift to fourth gears. Not long from that I finally reached at 7 gears that to me is really sluggish. The Preve best gears is third and fourth were it’s long and fast KM eaters. Again at 120 km/h you already at seventh gears and you notice this time the engine roar at decent decibel. Proton did good job to hide the engine sounds with good sound proofing. I did a couple laps with Preve and I felt in love with it immediately.

What with the divider on the window?
            Preve is a good car with high value and better yet at reasonable prices for all people to own it. Overall, Preve is a car that we Malaysian should be proud of. You should drive it to believe it, it’s an astonishing Proof of Proton outstanding effort of improvement. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Making of Battleships 11412

View of Cathay CS lobby.
April 11, 11 peoples were gathered together for the first screening days of Battleship in Malaysia at Cathay cinemas City Square, Johor Bahru. We arrived at CS at 3.30pm after go throughout the traffic jams about 30 minutes. Luckily my FLX is equipped with CVT so the jams were surpassed full with swiftness and smoothness. The only conditions of smoothness and swiftness spoil ness is when sudden braking by the cars up front. Traffic jams at the Jalan Wong Ah Fook located beside City Square (CS) is considered to be normal situations in holiday. April 11 is public holiday for Malaysia when the Agong were crown on that day. Battleship were previously set for premier at April 12 but sudden Agong crown were announced on April 11 make that day is a public holiday had been a jackpot for cinemas companies to gain extra money and Battleship is a good bait for action battle movie die hard fans.

The crew of The Sentinel Battleship. From left is Saifudeen, Tim, Faiz, Liza, Nadia, Me'oo, Taufik, Zizie.
Tickets were already been booked via TGV website for 10 seating. The show time was 4.30pm but due to the traffic jams and search for safe and shady park for my FLX making we are late for the premier. Lastly, I parked my FLX at the basement 3 CS. After queue almost 20 minutes at the online and phone booking counters we are given the next on the lines show time at 4.40pm. “Please come 1 hour earlier to make payment and collect your tickets” as stated in the online booking T&C and same sentences were coming out of the mouths of the counters attendants (she is cute by the way) hehe..

Grab combo 3 of popcorn and waited upstairs for the green light number 9 to check in. not wasting any precious times we had the chance to take some pictures with the ticket on hands in front of the MIB 3 upcoming movies mega posters. We also spend some time to know each other as several members were not known to us. Cathay cinemas were jam packed on that day when Battleship was shown at all of the available cinemas with not much of time lapse from each of the shows.

When the times comes we watch the movies with full of excitements and anxiety! For the review of the movies please go to the “from board games to the boye battle on the big screen” posts.

The views of Hutan Bandar Chicken Chop restaurant.
After watching the movies we went for dinner at Hutan Bandar Chicken Chop not far from CS. At the restaurant we chat and exchange opinions for ours next events. Future project were still in discussions and further discussions were needed. We had so much laugh and fun time on that day.

11 April was also the day of the earth quake happened at Acheh region with 8.6 magnitude and the tremors reported hit parts of Peninsular Malaysia. Luckily no tsunami was reported as only the 8cm raised of sea level noticeable. 11 April is the most eventful days for the 11 of us.

Alert: - Looking forward for Prometheus, The Avengers, GI Joe, and MIB 3.

Why my right eyes blinks uncontrolly?

The beautiful eye of the eagle.
Lately, I had a problem with my eyes.  My right upper eyelids actually. The  eyelids just kept moving on it own  beyond my control. According to Malay  tradition if ones had this problems it's a sign of something is gonna  happen to the person. My grandmother  always said that someone is missing the person that have the symptoms. The truth of that assumptions remain  unveil. I then key in the "mata kanan berkedip" into Google search box and  there were so many entries about this  global events in the net. Long story  short, the uncontrolled and annoying  eyelids instinct blinking were said  to be a  sign for several things:-

right upper eyelids moving = going to 
have wealth, peaces.

left upper eyelids moving = someone 
will going on a journey/moving far 

right end of eyeball = you going to 
meet long time/far friends.

left end of eyeball = you are said 
going to have little hardship in your 

In pursuing for some choices of  answer I conducted some research. The problems is named as "myokymia" and  its caused from the sudden movement of your upper and lower eyelids muscles. Medical practitioners said  that the movement of the muscles is a  sign of fatigue, lack of sleep, 
anxiety, and the excessive consumption of coffee drinks. All the causes were majority related to my daily activities nowadays. Thus, making that the myokymia theory is true.

The areas of the problems.
After conducting the research, I came out with a conclusion. The reason for the uncontrolled and annoying eyelids instinct blinking were a signal from my body to me telling that to live a healthy life with enough sleep, less coffee drinks, get in shape and be more confident inside out. Last but not least, its also a sign for me to be ready for anything either good nor bad is going to happen and embraced myself for whatever stored for me.

P/s: An adult should sleep 7.5 - 9 hours a day to completely recharge the energy depleted from the previous days to perform at the best next day. 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

From board game to the boye battle on the big screen

The Battleship poster.
The story just great and awesome! Basically, using new home migration, self believe, leadership, and means of survival as the main ideas of the movies viewers will be amazed with their presentation of those themes.

The alien soldier in suit with Darth Vader breath sounds.
Alien invasion had gone to a new hike when the alien is not even green color, big headed had 3 fingers with pale faces. Even more surprising is that the alien is not much different from us. Their figures are just like us with skin, fingers, and hair. The different is their reptilian eyeballs, 4 clamps like fingers and their avatar shapes headed.

I really like the ideas of human like alien form. Using the famous board games Battleship as their main battle plot of the movies viewers can see how they take down the alien on the grid in the night battle scenes. This can be seen more when they tracked the movement of the alien water strider and dolphin like diving technology on the grid. The resemblances of the movie to the game can clearly be seen in this scenes only in this grid were based on the boye grid. Yes, boye grid.

The mother ship versus the Missouri battles
Fear of the grid of boye would turn to grid of boring versus WTF the director had to brain squeeze to make this part enjoyable and full of thrill. How the movies convey the thrill and anxiety throughout this part is brilliant yet simply enough to understand. You won’t be disappointed as the movie is full of thrill and destruction even on the grid battle.  You also can see how to drift a ship and bring it to a perfect firing position and resulting to a perfect combo shot of cannon to the alien mother ship.

Overall, this movie is you just had to see to believe it! This movie is full of action, humors, and loves the common package for war movies. The only thing that bothers me is the alien sharp and thingy goat beards. I mean, what were those beards functions actually. If you’re looking for a movie with impossible ship maneuvers, unlimited ship ammo, cool alien weaponry and “Art of war” styles this movie is the perfect choice.

Alert:- The were short cut scenes for the upcoming Battleship franchise right after the credit. So, don't get up on your feet as soon as the movie ends wait about 3 minutes to view the cut scenes.

credit to for the pictures

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