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Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Yogcast and their overwhelming sensation playing video games

Lately, I am enjoying watching people playing video games at the social underground video maker at youtube of course. Normally I watch The Yogcast Simon and Lewis playing Minecraft mod together. Besides Minecraft they also do video playing other games, multiplayer of course. I do know them through the Minecraft games. 

Minecraft logo credit to
Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. The games is great and its graphic is not like others games out there that trying to be as real as actual life can be. The games basically is like retro graphic style if views by the players that were born on the sophisticated graphic will said that the game is so old and like a outdated games. "Ap la games ni, x lawa langsung" but you're totally WRONG.

The avatars credit to
The games is always evolving and its keep counting with mods every seconds. There were so many players and mod maker trying to beat each other with their most enjoying and mind breaking mod. The original Minecraft is just about living each days of your life trying to survive at every night from the attacks of monster or mob that want to kill you. The games is almost realistic its can get, realistic means you can get hungry and must find foods to survive, you can died de to falling, drown, get kill by monster, poison, burn by lava, and so on. The ideas almost briliant. Mainly there were no specific mission and objective but you can get ranking and achievement from each of your movement and what your are doing. 
There were so many mystery you must unfold and the answers is for you to found out. I enjoys playing the Minecraft for hours trying to understand the games concept. 
The all Minecraft monsters illutration credit to 
Minecraft really is a mind blowing phenomenon and The Yogcast actually found out that element in Minecraft and start mining hit and view. Apart form making videos of their enjoying times and unreveal mysteries of Minecraft they also making the mod for Minecraft. Their mod can be downloaded and there were so many player played their maps. You must found out about The Yogcast by yourself to understand better but first you must found out about the Minecraft first.

I enjoyed watching their video of playing the Minecraft games as their review and prespective about certain things is funny and their ways of playing is so in depth. From their review you can tell that they had spend so much time to understand and really understand what the games they are actually playing. Their video is so goods and full of detail, its like that you are actually playing the games with them. With humour and naughty element in their video you would not easily get bored watching it. They are also a briliant and intelligence players in the video and that is what you are looking for, the most briliant and intelligence ways of playing games and beat the games totally. Their videos is likes a tutorial for players + tours + the effect of what went wrong if you do this and that if you got what I meant here. 

Minecraft is a briliant games designed by briliant game developer and get in the hand of a briliant player or 2 briliant player actually. The outcomes is so unpredictable and you'll be surprise with what The Yogcast can delivered to you. 
Sunset in Minecraft credit to
After you done watching Yogcast's videos you would finally end up in one questions, Where did they find so much times playing the games?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ampang SuperBowl Leisure Mall

I forgot the date, but the day will always in my heart as friends also coworkers gather together spend some quality time in avoidence the stress and pressure from works.

The places is Ampang SuperBowl Leisure Mall. We played team battle cross lane. Each team has different genders to balance the bias. The Ampang bowl is a great places to play nothing more nothing less bowl-ing.

The places is cosy and the environment is great. The ambience is decorated with yellowish coloured that have some power to calm down your adrenaline rush from works.

The bowling alley is not bumpy and flat with perfect balance. The bowling ball can cruise according to yours needs and targeted. I am not a great bowl player myself but I had already went to several bowling alley quite sometimes. Refering to my experiences Ampang bowl is the best bowling alley I had went and played. I already went to Daiman bowl but when I reached there, I suddenly lost my moods to throw the ball as there were so much athlete playing at there. Its like I becoming a 5 years old when I'm entering the premises with so much giant and killer bowling player throw their ball in style and techniques. Not forgetting the sound of the pins falling down and smashed. The sounds produced is like a boom were throw at the end of the alley.


Back to Ampang bowl, 4 persons playing 3 set of games with 4 pairs of shoes for each person converted into MYR is almost 70 devided by 4 bringing the digit arrangement in this sequence,17.50##. That is were are playing on working days, which is Wednesdey I think. Ampang bowl lately always has tournament for government workers plays at every Tuesday if I am not wrong. On that day the bowling alley will be packs with goverment workers.

The Alleys credit to Kole Kacang Putih fb pages.
I always plays the 11 balls. That is the only ball I can control at this bowling alleys. Seldom I used 10 and 12 but 11 is far more the best choice for me, novice baby players at this alley. We had so much fun and always cheer each other up to perform even better at each strokes untill to the very end of the frames. The environment is great, there were smoking areas provided, a cafe, clean toilet, new bowling shoes, perfect symettrical spheric bowling balls and a shop that sell bowler favourite items.

The only thing that bothered me is the score display menu. There were no animation like a smiley face bowling ball knock down some cactus like pin went player hit the pin at the end of the alleys. It did give me a little bit boring sensation but hey, its just me. Other than that, the places is great. If you're looking for a place to strecth up a bit, have a nice and loud scream with friends and cheer up this would likely be the places.

I would give this places 4 stars out of 6 stars.

Dont forget to check it out! Peace.

Here are the information about that places;

Johor|Ampang Supwerbowl @ Johor |Bahru|AMF|32|Level 2, Lot 2.09, Pelangi Leisure |Mall,
|148, Jalan Serempang, Taman |Pelangi,
|80400 Johor Bahru
|Tel: 07-3355866
|Fax: 07-3359866

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

REG KRJN 32626


The date is 12 March 2012, received and SMS from unknown no with 0111 numbers at o5:01pm. The message give me a little spark of hope for me to enter the government administration and working style. The word type and arrangement in the message will definetely uprising your happiness hormones and emotions. The SMS sounds like this.,

" Terhad isi jwtn kosong kerajaan Dnegeri pilihan. Lulus Drjh 6 - Dgree. Taip: REG KRJN Negeri Nama Alamat SMS ke:32626 @ Jwtn Swasta=Krajaan Taip:REG JWTN Negeri Nama"

The Gomen web.
Does the sound of the SMS would more likely to inject your fingers with nerves movement and type the corresponding alphabet according to their arrangement on the numbers?

I were typing the RE.. and then the big pause. Does this REAL? It's to good to be true.

So I open the goverment official websites >> click on mySMS.

From there on I am trying to seek for the truth and want some answers from the high places. So I left them with some email stating that I have receive the SMS throw my hp.

So today at 11.32am I received the truth from the mySMS. The sound of the email I like what I expected. Below are the contents that I received in my inbox.

"Selamat pagi,
Terima kasih di atas kiriman emel anda.
Untuk makluman anda, Gerbang SMS Kerajaan mySMS adalah satu usaha yang membolehkan orang ramai mendapatkan perkhidmatan Kerajaan dengan mudah dan ringkas melalui satu nombor SMS iaitu 15888. Berdasarkan maklumat yang pihak kami terima, perkhidmatan SMS REG KRJN 32626 TIDAK DITAWARKAN dalam perkhidmatan MYSMS. Pihak kami menyarankan anda melayari laman web untuk mendaftar carian pekerjaan. Selepas membuat pendaftaran, anda boleh membuat carian pekerjaan melalui SMS 15888 dengan menggunakan mekanisme JOBSMY CARI. Caj penghantaran sms adalah RM0.15 sen manakala caj penerimaan sms adalah RM0.20 sen. Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut berkenaan perkhidmatan SMS Kerajaan 15888, sila layari Anda juga boleh menghubungi talian 03-8886 5000 untuk maklumat lanjut."

Moral of the story, Please think logic and seek for the right people to answer your big questions. There is no easy ways in ways, Perhaps?

p/s: SPA always make me hoping. X.X

Monday, 12 March 2012

The A Mart Kempas

The A mart logo on its trolley.
Went to A-mart Kempas, for me this place is great for all wholesale buyers. Great because it got everything for typical buyers at all genders ages and races. The concept is same like Kipmart. All the spaces provided is fill with kiosk and small shops selling different goodies. But mainly, tudung and shirt were sold. The prices range were also reasonable and slightly cheaper compared to others. Maybe this is because the places is just 1 years old from its opening days.

See the prices?

For smart buyers you should not hesitate to spend your salaries here as the prices will come with beneficially. The center of the shopping mall is Midas mart selling typical household items. Midas mart is much like all other supermarket selling much more cheaper as you bought in bundle and as a registered members. The prices is shown clearly on the tag and easy to understand even my grandmother Mak Leha can easily read it. 

I always went to Kipmart to bought my household items, the places is good but there is always one thing spoiling my point of view of that places. The trolley, YES the trolley, the wire shape basket thingy with rotatable wheels attached to it. The trolley a Kipmart were majority damage or broken. The rotating wheels of the trolley were unrotating as its should be when you used them. 

No plate JNK 5
All the 4 wheels were to stubborn to rotate according to your needs. there were no sense of need for speed anymore when tou push the trolley on the perfectly laid 2 by 2 feet mozaic tiles. You would need to drift the trolley hard when you move it around all the time. It's not like you cant change the trolley when you got the broken one but it is because you simply can't. All the trolley had same symptoms but at different level of damages. Trolley at A-mart is far more useable compared to Kipmart with no damage tag attached. 

Enough about the trolley, layouts, this segments is win by Kipmart. The layout at A-mart is a little bit unfriendly. the Midas mart entrance is at the end of the shopping complex. You must travelled accross the supermarket to get in and this is exhausting. After you get in and done spending your salaries inside you must get to the main entrance again to get your thing that were left at the entrance under the security supervision ( if you bought item outside the Midas mart). Blurghh!!!

You had wasted much of your time running back and forth due to the unreliable and unfriendly layouts. 

The food court at this places were great! Really you should come to see it and then believe it or not depends on your perceptions. there were so many choices and types of foods to choose from. there were also 1 stall, Hj Wan Mee rebus the most popular mee rebus makers in JB. 

Parking spaces come with packages.
Above of all, the most important thing of supermarket should have is the parking lots. There were a lot of parking spaces provided and its FREE!!! The downside is the traffic coming in and out of the premises is guarded by 3 different colours lamp time eater. The traffic lights monster!!!! 

Overall the places is great. Again, you should come to believe it.


Recognize on my way back. >,<

The Hitcher

The Hitcher

Last night just watch the hitcher at Tv5 Singapore channel. The story is about the title says. The hitcher were at first seems to be a high roller rich multimillionaires businessman turn out to be a psychopath killer that kill every flesh and bones he could find by of course hitching the victims first.

The Hitcher movie poster. Credits to
 As the title say again the story is film at road. Almost he entire film were filmed at the roadside. There were a lot of road action stunt involved. The protagonist JIM played by Zachery Knighton and Grace, Sophia bush had driving 1970 Oldmobile 422 with double stripe on it. The car maxpseed in this film is 90 miles traveling the desert of New Mexico.

1970 Oldmobiles 442. Credits to
 The views were extraordinary especially the part of sunrise in the film. Despite all the extraordinary view accident and car crash were most likely to crush your mood. After watching the scene of accident you will found that the views were boring as the accidents were nicely coordinated and beautiful. There were so much tenses coming from the movie. After watching the movie you would probably said that “nasib baik jalan kat Malaysia tak teruk cam movie ni”.

The simple way to review the movie is the hitcher hit and run with the sweet revenge in polca dot g-string

p/s Its a remake of the same name movie back in 1986. The hunt is on for that movie.

Pending is penTing!

Hi readers,

There is so many thing to do. So many ideas in my head. So many pending list. So so so..

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hi all,

The first pages has released. The Sentinel will be unleashed.

The Ariff

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