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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Have you ever faced this kind of situation?

When you hair is not well dress up? When they are stubborn to follow your want?

And in that instance all thing went wrong due to your center of universe calibration just went off the grid?

Well it happen to me today.

Today it happen to me. I went for a night at my father in law house and forgot to bring my own hair gel. So today I went to work without wearing one. My hair is so messy right now but I need to tidy them up with my hand so often.

The story start when I am driving to work. From my mother in law house to my workplaces takes about half an hour with good traffic flow. At 7.00am on every week day it takes about an hour due to traffic congestion. 

When I arrived at traffic junction some white VIVA tried to come in my lane from left side. Feeling angry I didn't give him my way because it my right of passage before him. He must give me passed first but it didn't. The VIVA fu*king still tried to steal my right of passage making me focus my full attention to that fu*cking VIVA. Unaware of my front car didn't moving I suddenly *BUMP* into the WIRA Aeroback ass!


The Wira suddenly stop and went out of her car to look at the damages. The fu*cking VIVA just smoothly passed us at the LEFT side of the road with laughter face at it rear end. 

Back to the Wira, we stop at the side of the road to analize the damages. Luckily it just a bump, kiss, langgar-langgar manja so to call etc. The owner quickly asked for my numbers and I quickly ask for what. I then convince her that her car is still intact just as before and there is no need to further discuss the incident.  Feeling anxious she told that her car just meet and accident before, something I played dumb for. 

Ignoring her story I quickly apologize for what I had done to her beloved car. I convince her again that her car is fine and show her that my car also fine just my front plate and broken. Then she aggreed to let thing passed.

We then continue our journey to workplace as always. 

I feel so relieve that everything went smoothly. 

Why does this has to happen on my bad hair day. Maybe untidy hair will screw up your sense of your surrounding due to unbalance calibration of your head. From what I heard cat will loss its sense of balance when you cut their whisker. Same thing goes to my hair due to its untidy and out of balance making my head equilibrium went off the grid of sanity. 

Just maybe.

How about bald people? Dang!

Another question.


p/s: Not much of a pictures as my other hand always on my hair.


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