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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Faiz says : this is why I love my job!!!!!

1996-1999 2 door Toyota Prado fully equipt with original TRD 3.4l v6 Quadro Cam (4 cam) supercharger from previous generation Tacoma.. The original dynamic compressor AKA centrifugal supercharger which is on the road it can reach 20,000 rpm and more.. damn! dont let me start on the set of wheel this son of a gun use.. sportrims size 22" and a set of original TRD 8 Port axle disc Brake on every tyre.. it respectively deserve the name Prado Zeus.. altough i myself not a big fan of toyota due to the brand itself dont have any durability.. but when it come to performance, i throw that one principle of mine and give the owner of this Prado Zues a SALUTE!! 

hahaha terserlah cita2 aku nak jadi hunting & writer majalah kereta.. harap2 la ade scout nmpk bakat aku.. hahaha
 — feeling determined with Saleh Safie Eyefinity and Kole Kacang Putih.


This is Faiz first post. He is our best car hunter.
Thanks Faiz.


  1. mane tau satu hari nanti..insyallah.

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