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Thursday, 28 February 2013

CINE: FLIGHT and Captain "Whip"

Flight posterrr

FLIGHT - Another movie place Denzel Washington into position of a driver/pilot or anything that goes with BIG transportation. This time Denzel were strapped on to a Plane from Super Jet airline after he manage to safely stop an unmanned train from obliterating a city. I really love his acting after Tom Hanks. 

Denzel plays as a pilot names "Whip" Whitaker, who had some minor problem that can jeopardize his entire career life But at the same time the problems also manage to help him save countless of life not only from the planes but also from the ground. Yes, if you catch my drift this movie is about plane crash! What the point of making a movie of a plane without crashing it. If it not crash then it must be a pilot simulation classes you are attending. 


The plane crashed but in a decent ways. You get to see Whip coolness and bold act when he is trying to save the planes after 2 engine broke down and they are flying without power. You also get to learn some aviation terms and directly make you as a pilot in 30 minutes so that you can brag about it when you talking to your friend or hooking up some girls. Whip manage to slow down the plane descent after used air brake, gear up and down, flaps, fuel dumps and several cheats to beat the simulation. After several attempt and stewardess bump around with their short skirts the planes then finally gliding and crash landed. The crashed scenes were taken from a mobile phone on ground by a civilians and can be seen at 

Crash site

Then its blackout. 

That the only thrill scenes and best dramatic plane crashed in film I ever seen. Its well planned, intelligent (from a passenger point of view), neat,intense, cool, clear (no shaking and blurry effect and easy to understand. Seriously I watched that scene over and over again. Don't worried though, the crash scene don't contain any gore and limb cutting scenes. 

This movie then focusing how Whip maintain his heroes title when the minor problem I stated earlier became the biggest problem ever. The weight of that problem drive Whip so far and beyond imagination and out of rational. When plane crashed there will be half of people in the US will investigate and tried to pursue Whip all over his ass. At the same time the problems also chased him.

After the blackout, the movie than goes to a new destinations. Then it all about Whip saving 96 souls..souls..souls..- Dato' Yusof Haslam
Whip is a hero, Whip the saviors, Whip rock etc. but somehow you know he is not. Because only you the viewer know who Whip really is. We then witnesses the courage and hardship of overcoming the problems to safe his heroes title. Throughout this scenes, it tend to be boring when there is so many legal, jurisdiction, courts, lawyer, grieving, and family issues are portrait-ed for viewers. its more about the after issues of the plane crashed.

Me the pilot want to fly me with?

The conflict here is that Whip denial and acceptance of the problem. How did Whip overcome the problems and will he accept the problems he facing and announce to the public of his problems and lose society recognition upon his bravery act saving the plane?

That is something for you to watch.

Overall, Flight did bring two meaning for the audience. The Flight Whip used to pilot and The Flight of his own life.

Did you catch your flight already?


p/s: continue plays Angry Bird Star Wars!!


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