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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NUTGEO: Stunning images of Earth from Satellite view

"Van Gogh From Space"

Have you watched Life of Pi? There are so many scenes that shows the great views of sea and ocean during day and nights. Its so beautiful and mesmerizing. The sea glow with light when jellyfish swim below Richard Parker and Pi, clear day when whale and other sea creatures swim below then and can be seen clearly underwater. I was so inspired! 

One scenes I cant seem to get rid is when Pi were stranded on an Islands that floating on the seas. Made of roots and somehow can contain soils and lands. The trees glow in the dark and the heart of the islands can change sea water to freshwater and by nights the islands tend to producing some acidic water to its habitant. This mysterious islands diluted in my brain at its very accents. I kept thinking is that island existed! I then search in Google and what I founds out to be is that the islands is a representation of a event/miracle that related to the story. Its not exists in our real life. 

The closes you can see the islands in real life is the Banyan tree and Meerkat the most populate habitant. Considering the fact that human knows more about stars then sea on earth, I stuck in my old fashioned thought. Anything can happen at seas,  it cruel, it calm, it evil and yet its goods. 

So, I went some research and stumbled upon these incredible rare seen photos of our beloved earth. Those photos were taken from various satellite for research. National Geographic then come to an idea to make used of those photos with theme  "Earth as Art" and then we see Earth in different kind of perception . Let go through all of it!

"Yukon Delta"
" Lake Eyre"

"Meandering Mississippi"

"Algerian Abstract"

Enough babbling. You guys can found out everything about these pictures   here

Let love our Earth now!

Go Green Guy. See Hulk. He is a green revolutionist. 

credit Nat Geo.

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