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Wednesday, 6 March 2013


The most epic picture of Lahad Datu Invasion

Battle Invasion : Lahad Datu

Lahad Datu. 
Starting point of what should not be happen. 
Too many flaws.
Idea coming from shadow claws.

There is something wrong.
But who is the culprit.
As people were given bohong.
In the end citizen end up in the pit.

We help outside world.
We give outside all our best.
Why would no give LD what they worth.
Why would we just be rest.

Cry out loud no war!

Some said wait.
Some said let's go.
Do you got the wit?
What are you doing bro?

Keep complaining.
Keep heard the bluffing.
Catch you flight first thing in the morning. 
And see the fire blaze at night firing!

Why is this happening.
Why would people fighting.
Why would you here they saying.
Why would you not waking?

Please people.
We are brothers.
And we should not be querrel.
As we should love each others.

Ignore those loud word from the new world.
You know its not even worth.
It near the end of the world.
Gunfire not the answer.

If fame what you seek.
Then you had succeed.
We know you exist.
So let proceed.

Civil war is hedious.
Please dont be like the previous.
Is it not obvious.
Drop your weapon and be out the radius

Let talks.
Let discuss.
Let be civilize.
Let be ourself.

You and you royal.
Querrel over like 5000 years.
We not say we not loyal.
Nor we could stand this liars.

Let stop this nonsense
Let befriend
Let stop pretend
Let go of the Grant 

Stop all of this.
We dont want to be like this.
Stop being childish.
Do you hear me? Capice?


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