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Friday, 22 February 2013


I love art. I enjoy them a lot. Music and Painting somehow seem to be blended in me. They usually attack my brainwave and wrapped them with their best artistic elements. 

When I heard a song, I tried to understand the meaning of it and the feeling involved in it. MUSE to me is good at playing your brain and heart to indulge in what they tried to convey from their music.

Same goes when I saw a drawing. I tried to understand every curves of it and every detail in it. Seeking originality and characteristic in it. Then you can understand the meaning of it. I enjoy nature and abstract drawing much. 

Here are some drawing that I would like to share with you. 

This keep me thinking. The complexity of a man brain or the complexity of managing his own brain?

Well edited pictures. Lighting is so realistic. The light seem to be glaring on my eyes!
This is funny and really authentic. Notice the alien and the building are in the same age/timeline. 

How is it? Well its depends on ones perspective. We never had the same perspective but if we do that means we share the same brain frequency. 

Happy Friday to all!



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