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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

REG KRJN 32626


The date is 12 March 2012, received and SMS from unknown no with 0111 numbers at o5:01pm. The message give me a little spark of hope for me to enter the government administration and working style. The word type and arrangement in the message will definetely uprising your happiness hormones and emotions. The SMS sounds like this.,

" Terhad isi jwtn kosong kerajaan Dnegeri pilihan. Lulus Drjh 6 - Dgree. Taip: REG KRJN Negeri Nama Alamat SMS ke:32626 @ Jwtn Swasta=Krajaan Taip:REG JWTN Negeri Nama"

The Gomen web.
Does the sound of the SMS would more likely to inject your fingers with nerves movement and type the corresponding alphabet according to their arrangement on the numbers?

I were typing the RE.. and then the big pause. Does this REAL? It's to good to be true.

So I open the goverment official websites >> click on mySMS.

From there on I am trying to seek for the truth and want some answers from the high places. So I left them with some email stating that I have receive the SMS throw my hp.

So today at 11.32am I received the truth from the mySMS. The sound of the email I like what I expected. Below are the contents that I received in my inbox.

"Selamat pagi,
Terima kasih di atas kiriman emel anda.
Untuk makluman anda, Gerbang SMS Kerajaan mySMS adalah satu usaha yang membolehkan orang ramai mendapatkan perkhidmatan Kerajaan dengan mudah dan ringkas melalui satu nombor SMS iaitu 15888. Berdasarkan maklumat yang pihak kami terima, perkhidmatan SMS REG KRJN 32626 TIDAK DITAWARKAN dalam perkhidmatan MYSMS. Pihak kami menyarankan anda melayari laman web untuk mendaftar carian pekerjaan. Selepas membuat pendaftaran, anda boleh membuat carian pekerjaan melalui SMS 15888 dengan menggunakan mekanisme JOBSMY CARI. Caj penghantaran sms adalah RM0.15 sen manakala caj penerimaan sms adalah RM0.20 sen. Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut berkenaan perkhidmatan SMS Kerajaan 15888, sila layari Anda juga boleh menghubungi talian 03-8886 5000 untuk maklumat lanjut."

Moral of the story, Please think logic and seek for the right people to answer your big questions. There is no easy ways in ways, Perhaps?

p/s: SPA always make me hoping. X.X

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