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Monday, 12 March 2012

The A Mart Kempas

The A mart logo on its trolley.
Went to A-mart Kempas, for me this place is great for all wholesale buyers. Great because it got everything for typical buyers at all genders ages and races. The concept is same like Kipmart. All the spaces provided is fill with kiosk and small shops selling different goodies. But mainly, tudung and shirt were sold. The prices range were also reasonable and slightly cheaper compared to others. Maybe this is because the places is just 1 years old from its opening days.

See the prices?

For smart buyers you should not hesitate to spend your salaries here as the prices will come with beneficially. The center of the shopping mall is Midas mart selling typical household items. Midas mart is much like all other supermarket selling much more cheaper as you bought in bundle and as a registered members. The prices is shown clearly on the tag and easy to understand even my grandmother Mak Leha can easily read it. 

I always went to Kipmart to bought my household items, the places is good but there is always one thing spoiling my point of view of that places. The trolley, YES the trolley, the wire shape basket thingy with rotatable wheels attached to it. The trolley a Kipmart were majority damage or broken. The rotating wheels of the trolley were unrotating as its should be when you used them. 

No plate JNK 5
All the 4 wheels were to stubborn to rotate according to your needs. there were no sense of need for speed anymore when tou push the trolley on the perfectly laid 2 by 2 feet mozaic tiles. You would need to drift the trolley hard when you move it around all the time. It's not like you cant change the trolley when you got the broken one but it is because you simply can't. All the trolley had same symptoms but at different level of damages. Trolley at A-mart is far more useable compared to Kipmart with no damage tag attached. 

Enough about the trolley, layouts, this segments is win by Kipmart. The layout at A-mart is a little bit unfriendly. the Midas mart entrance is at the end of the shopping complex. You must travelled accross the supermarket to get in and this is exhausting. After you get in and done spending your salaries inside you must get to the main entrance again to get your thing that were left at the entrance under the security supervision ( if you bought item outside the Midas mart). Blurghh!!!

You had wasted much of your time running back and forth due to the unreliable and unfriendly layouts. 

The food court at this places were great! Really you should come to see it and then believe it or not depends on your perceptions. there were so many choices and types of foods to choose from. there were also 1 stall, Hj Wan Mee rebus the most popular mee rebus makers in JB. 

Parking spaces come with packages.
Above of all, the most important thing of supermarket should have is the parking lots. There were a lot of parking spaces provided and its FREE!!! The downside is the traffic coming in and out of the premises is guarded by 3 different colours lamp time eater. The traffic lights monster!!!! 

Overall the places is great. Again, you should come to believe it.


Recognize on my way back. >,<

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