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Friday, 16 March 2012

Ampang SuperBowl Leisure Mall

I forgot the date, but the day will always in my heart as friends also coworkers gather together spend some quality time in avoidence the stress and pressure from works.

The places is Ampang SuperBowl Leisure Mall. We played team battle cross lane. Each team has different genders to balance the bias. The Ampang bowl is a great places to play nothing more nothing less bowl-ing.

The places is cosy and the environment is great. The ambience is decorated with yellowish coloured that have some power to calm down your adrenaline rush from works.

The bowling alley is not bumpy and flat with perfect balance. The bowling ball can cruise according to yours needs and targeted. I am not a great bowl player myself but I had already went to several bowling alley quite sometimes. Refering to my experiences Ampang bowl is the best bowling alley I had went and played. I already went to Daiman bowl but when I reached there, I suddenly lost my moods to throw the ball as there were so much athlete playing at there. Its like I becoming a 5 years old when I'm entering the premises with so much giant and killer bowling player throw their ball in style and techniques. Not forgetting the sound of the pins falling down and smashed. The sounds produced is like a boom were throw at the end of the alley.


Back to Ampang bowl, 4 persons playing 3 set of games with 4 pairs of shoes for each person converted into MYR is almost 70 devided by 4 bringing the digit arrangement in this sequence,17.50##. That is were are playing on working days, which is Wednesdey I think. Ampang bowl lately always has tournament for government workers plays at every Tuesday if I am not wrong. On that day the bowling alley will be packs with goverment workers.

The Alleys credit to Kole Kacang Putih fb pages.
I always plays the 11 balls. That is the only ball I can control at this bowling alleys. Seldom I used 10 and 12 but 11 is far more the best choice for me, novice baby players at this alley. We had so much fun and always cheer each other up to perform even better at each strokes untill to the very end of the frames. The environment is great, there were smoking areas provided, a cafe, clean toilet, new bowling shoes, perfect symettrical spheric bowling balls and a shop that sell bowler favourite items.

The only thing that bothered me is the score display menu. There were no animation like a smiley face bowling ball knock down some cactus like pin went player hit the pin at the end of the alleys. It did give me a little bit boring sensation but hey, its just me. Other than that, the places is great. If you're looking for a place to strecth up a bit, have a nice and loud scream with friends and cheer up this would likely be the places.

I would give this places 4 stars out of 6 stars.

Dont forget to check it out! Peace.

Here are the information about that places;

Johor|Ampang Supwerbowl @ Johor |Bahru|AMF|32|Level 2, Lot 2.09, Pelangi Leisure |Mall,
|148, Jalan Serempang, Taman |Pelangi,
|80400 Johor Bahru
|Tel: 07-3355866
|Fax: 07-3359866

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