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Monday, 12 March 2012

The Hitcher

The Hitcher

Last night just watch the hitcher at Tv5 Singapore channel. The story is about the title says. The hitcher were at first seems to be a high roller rich multimillionaires businessman turn out to be a psychopath killer that kill every flesh and bones he could find by of course hitching the victims first.

The Hitcher movie poster. Credits to
 As the title say again the story is film at road. Almost he entire film were filmed at the roadside. There were a lot of road action stunt involved. The protagonist JIM played by Zachery Knighton and Grace, Sophia bush had driving 1970 Oldmobile 422 with double stripe on it. The car maxpseed in this film is 90 miles traveling the desert of New Mexico.

1970 Oldmobiles 442. Credits to
 The views were extraordinary especially the part of sunrise in the film. Despite all the extraordinary view accident and car crash were most likely to crush your mood. After watching the scene of accident you will found that the views were boring as the accidents were nicely coordinated and beautiful. There were so much tenses coming from the movie. After watching the movie you would probably said that “nasib baik jalan kat Malaysia tak teruk cam movie ni”.

The simple way to review the movie is the hitcher hit and run with the sweet revenge in polca dot g-string

p/s Its a remake of the same name movie back in 1986. The hunt is on for that movie.

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