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Friday, 8 March 2013

TECHNO: S3 Easy powersaver

Tired of losing battery power supply when using smartphone often?

Lazy to carry those power bank that not come in "card" but bundle load?

Almost 70% of your smartphone battery power were directly used for display. Im not talking bout your smartphone but mine!!

Its depressing when knowing my SIII battery near its depletion. The phone is smart but the power consumption is not that smart.

Solution to this are plug in the charger at the nearest power source. Close all apps, wifi, mobile data ( mobile data consume power much more than wifi). And Wait~~~.

Why not used power bank? For me its too heavy and too bulky. Nope.

There are trick to those problems, it not solve the problem but is slow down the problems.

Did you know your SIII using SUPER AMOLED HD PLUS screen?
Best thing about amoled is that its display are display by a tiny bit of led individually. Simple word is white color means a led is light up and black means a led is off. The led not displaying a black color but its is turn off completely. Dont get it? Read it here.

Ok, here how its work.

Black wallpaper would means less power consumption overtime. This is because many of led were turn off due to the fact that black is not a color so that means there is no color to  display with. 

Simple right?

Turning of the led means no power were consume which lead to power can be saved.


There you go, let use black wallpaper to save power of your smartphone and increase your time with your smartphone.

Save as..please
Here are some sample of black wallpaper I made for my SIII. Feel free to download and use it.

You can get all the idea and research done here.


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