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Friday, 2 November 2012

AUTOCARE: AUTOSPA TOUCH UP PAINT, Cover your scratches mark immediately after they give you the right color code!

Recently went to TESCO BUKIT INDAH. I was browsing for my toiletories. My favourite segment of a shopping complex are the car accersories, hardware, and electronic products segments. When I was in those segment Miss Yana will make the most prettiest and beautiful troll face!! 

Its had become my habit to wonder at those segment for hours. I enjoyed seeing all the items nicely places on the shelves. It mesmerize me sometimes. I will go look and understand all the product displayed and that include reading the instructions and ingredient of course!! Brand is my second choices as I tend to go for its functionality and a bit of quality.

When I was browsing down the floor I was stunned by ones product on the shelves. AUTOSPA Touch Up Paint is here!

The AUTOSPA Auto Touch Paint ranges.

Easy to used Auto Touch Up Paint.
If you follow HE stories  I did mention on getting one of the Autospa Touch up paint to cover HE scar mark all over its body.

Stumbling upon this product at Tesco Bukit Indah did relieve me  from the adventure I tend to embark. How lazy I am was. Haha.

Without wasting more time I quickly search for HE color code. Autospa did place a list of all the color available in their product ranges. All of the color code were sort by manufacturers for easy pin point of their customers. The list also mention the name of the color also according to the manufacturer color coded names.

The Color coded AUTOSPA list.
Color names can be mind boggling for many car users. Different  manufacturer tend to used the names for their cars differently althought the color is the same in every one eyes. Same in my cases the Golden Lite seems to be a matching of HE Elegant Brown but its not. You cannot simply judges a color by turning the Autospa bottle upside down. It will only reveal its true color  when you paint it!!

All the Proton color ranges.
So, I ended up turning every one of the bottle upside down to see the most matching color for HE. Turn out to be, my head also were upside down as I was blinded with so many color variation. Sigh*

In the end I left an email in Autospa inbox inquiring about HE color coded, and still waiting for their replies. Huhu.

You can find out more about this product HERE.

Now, where is my Elegant Brown touch up paint!?? Answer me cashier!!


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