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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why my right eyes blinks uncontrolly?

The beautiful eye of the eagle.
Lately, I had a problem with my eyes.  My right upper eyelids actually. The  eyelids just kept moving on it own  beyond my control. According to Malay  tradition if ones had this problems it's a sign of something is gonna  happen to the person. My grandmother  always said that someone is missing the person that have the symptoms. The truth of that assumptions remain  unveil. I then key in the "mata kanan berkedip" into Google search box and  there were so many entries about this  global events in the net. Long story  short, the uncontrolled and annoying  eyelids instinct blinking were said  to be a  sign for several things:-

right upper eyelids moving = going to 
have wealth, peaces.

left upper eyelids moving = someone 
will going on a journey/moving far 

right end of eyeball = you going to 
meet long time/far friends.

left end of eyeball = you are said 
going to have little hardship in your 

In pursuing for some choices of  answer I conducted some research. The problems is named as "myokymia" and  its caused from the sudden movement of your upper and lower eyelids muscles. Medical practitioners said  that the movement of the muscles is a  sign of fatigue, lack of sleep, 
anxiety, and the excessive consumption of coffee drinks. All the causes were majority related to my daily activities nowadays. Thus, making that the myokymia theory is true.

The areas of the problems.
After conducting the research, I came out with a conclusion. The reason for the uncontrolled and annoying eyelids instinct blinking were a signal from my body to me telling that to live a healthy life with enough sleep, less coffee drinks, get in shape and be more confident inside out. Last but not least, its also a sign for me to be ready for anything either good nor bad is going to happen and embraced myself for whatever stored for me.

P/s: An adult should sleep 7.5 - 9 hours a day to completely recharge the energy depleted from the previous days to perform at the best next day. 

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