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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Making of Battleships 11412

View of Cathay CS lobby.
April 11, 11 peoples were gathered together for the first screening days of Battleship in Malaysia at Cathay cinemas City Square, Johor Bahru. We arrived at CS at 3.30pm after go throughout the traffic jams about 30 minutes. Luckily my FLX is equipped with CVT so the jams were surpassed full with swiftness and smoothness. The only conditions of smoothness and swiftness spoil ness is when sudden braking by the cars up front. Traffic jams at the Jalan Wong Ah Fook located beside City Square (CS) is considered to be normal situations in holiday. April 11 is public holiday for Malaysia when the Agong were crown on that day. Battleship were previously set for premier at April 12 but sudden Agong crown were announced on April 11 make that day is a public holiday had been a jackpot for cinemas companies to gain extra money and Battleship is a good bait for action battle movie die hard fans.

The crew of The Sentinel Battleship. From left is Saifudeen, Tim, Faiz, Liza, Nadia, Me'oo, Taufik, Zizie.
Tickets were already been booked via TGV website for 10 seating. The show time was 4.30pm but due to the traffic jams and search for safe and shady park for my FLX making we are late for the premier. Lastly, I parked my FLX at the basement 3 CS. After queue almost 20 minutes at the online and phone booking counters we are given the next on the lines show time at 4.40pm. “Please come 1 hour earlier to make payment and collect your tickets” as stated in the online booking T&C and same sentences were coming out of the mouths of the counters attendants (she is cute by the way) hehe..

Grab combo 3 of popcorn and waited upstairs for the green light number 9 to check in. not wasting any precious times we had the chance to take some pictures with the ticket on hands in front of the MIB 3 upcoming movies mega posters. We also spend some time to know each other as several members were not known to us. Cathay cinemas were jam packed on that day when Battleship was shown at all of the available cinemas with not much of time lapse from each of the shows.

When the times comes we watch the movies with full of excitements and anxiety! For the review of the movies please go to the “from board games to the boye battle on the big screen” posts.

The views of Hutan Bandar Chicken Chop restaurant.
After watching the movies we went for dinner at Hutan Bandar Chicken Chop not far from CS. At the restaurant we chat and exchange opinions for ours next events. Future project were still in discussions and further discussions were needed. We had so much laugh and fun time on that day.

11 April was also the day of the earth quake happened at Acheh region with 8.6 magnitude and the tremors reported hit parts of Peninsular Malaysia. Luckily no tsunami was reported as only the 8cm raised of sea level noticeable. 11 April is the most eventful days for the 11 of us.

Alert: - Looking forward for Prometheus, The Avengers, GI Joe, and MIB 3.

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