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Thursday, 12 April 2012

From board game to the boye battle on the big screen

The Battleship poster.
The story just great and awesome! Basically, using new home migration, self believe, leadership, and means of survival as the main ideas of the movies viewers will be amazed with their presentation of those themes.

The alien soldier in suit with Darth Vader breath sounds.
Alien invasion had gone to a new hike when the alien is not even green color, big headed had 3 fingers with pale faces. Even more surprising is that the alien is not much different from us. Their figures are just like us with skin, fingers, and hair. The different is their reptilian eyeballs, 4 clamps like fingers and their avatar shapes headed.

I really like the ideas of human like alien form. Using the famous board games Battleship as their main battle plot of the movies viewers can see how they take down the alien on the grid in the night battle scenes. This can be seen more when they tracked the movement of the alien water strider and dolphin like diving technology on the grid. The resemblances of the movie to the game can clearly be seen in this scenes only in this grid were based on the boye grid. Yes, boye grid.

The mother ship versus the Missouri battles
Fear of the grid of boye would turn to grid of boring versus WTF the director had to brain squeeze to make this part enjoyable and full of thrill. How the movies convey the thrill and anxiety throughout this part is brilliant yet simply enough to understand. You won’t be disappointed as the movie is full of thrill and destruction even on the grid battle.  You also can see how to drift a ship and bring it to a perfect firing position and resulting to a perfect combo shot of cannon to the alien mother ship.

Overall, this movie is you just had to see to believe it! This movie is full of action, humors, and loves the common package for war movies. The only thing that bothers me is the alien sharp and thingy goat beards. I mean, what were those beards functions actually. If you’re looking for a movie with impossible ship maneuvers, unlimited ship ammo, cool alien weaponry and “Art of war” styles this movie is the perfect choice.

Alert:- The were short cut scenes for the upcoming Battleship franchise right after the credit. So, don't get up on your feet as soon as the movie ends wait about 3 minutes to view the cut scenes.

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