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Thursday, 31 January 2013

LOCAL : Best gift for Chinese New Year and Valentine Day 2013

Happy Chinese New Year and V-day 2013

February is just around the corner and it mark the arrival of two festivals celebrates by many. The Chinese New Year (CNY) and Valentine Day (VD). 

CNY and VD are sharing the same concept of "offering to the others". An offering can be in so many shapes but at preset it is a gift and presents. CNY is not so difficult in search of offering when the celebration has been centuries old and the gift is traditionally set to default. Problems arise when the gift is for your special ones the love of your life!

Even though your calendar and reminder has been set to alarm you the date problems of finding the best present still bothering you. Everybody wants to come up with an original gift that your significant other may not yet have.
 Flowers will die, and chocolate will go straight to the hips, so these 2013 trends of Valentine day gift is go for tech-hype.

There have been several forecast and ideas set for specific persona of a couple. has built special mind map and rate the best gift of VD this year.

Quick view of the list made by - They do the reasearch so you dont have too!
The best gift for VD this year at first place is iPhone 5!

Why iPhone 5?

Its offers great deal of apps for your love ones to use. There are almost all sort of apps from ridiculous to best functional app that can be found from appstore. put the verdict of 9.75/10 for the iPhone 5 at the Pros of FaceTime. FaceTime is a function held inside the iPhone 5 that allow you to speak to your valentine face to face. Seeing its brand names and reputation its not arguable why iPhone 5 is at the 1st place of the list.

Undisputed iPhone 5
At 2nd places is Dual LCD smart camera from Samsung, 3rd places is Kindle Fire HD from Amazon, 4th places is iPod Nano and at 5th places is Bloggie Touch Camera by Sony.

You can read all the review here and gain in-depth knowledge of all their reviews and reason behind those rankings.

So, what you waiting for get all tech-hype right away and get those gadgets as soon as possible for your love ones. As for me, I'll go for something original. Made by me. Heh! Call me Mr. Originality.


p/s: Its not the Valentine day I celebrate its the season and ambience of giving to your love one I grab.

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