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Friday, 20 December 2013

TECHNO: PLAYSTATION 4 on the loss , grab it will you can!

 December is here! Today is 20th December 2013! The day of Playstation 4 release date! Ahh it here now!! 

What you guys doing reading this? Go get the Playstation 4 already, Santa Claus already give the joyment box to Singapore yesterday! Today it's Malaysia turn!

With MYR1799 retail prices it's one nice figure for a PS4 not much different compared to PS3 prices before. Not just that you will also get one month PS+ membership!! Arghhhhh

With additional MYR100 you can get PS4 with Playstation Camera as a lumped bundle set make it to MYR1899. Plus 100 you will get a camera!? Really? Its really a bargain for Malaysia gamers! Its really a nice and great deal too. 

Looking for a game bundle set? PS4 will also release game bundle which is Killzone: Shadow Fall at retail prices MYR1939 and for war head maniac panzer black hawk down you can get Battlefield 4 game set at MYR1969 only. Both of this magnificient deal comes with 2 month PS+ membership for FREE and MYR20 money voucher too! There are so many free gift and side order! Me likey!!

If you tend to get the 2 million gaming console today you are the most updated gamer after Singapore when our neighboring country Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam are still waiting for their console in the making! Hahaha You can beat us in football in the Sea Games but you still can't be used in PS release this year. Consider yourself updated enough when you had PS4 today!!

Expect to see this in the next 2 years or Never. 
PS4 will only be released in black color and 500GB hardware this times but gamer can get different color of the high advanced digital wireless DualShock4 with Magma Red and Wave Blue in color. Each different color joyment stick sold at MYR249 one accessories fashionable gamers must get. Owning one of these will highly differentiate one gamer to one stylo gamers. 

How about Xbox One you asked me? They also have their own fans but its not as much as Playstation 4 fans. The war between this two consoles now has been focused on the Southeast Asian  has this regions will highly depicted which will be the top one consoles maker. Of course, Sony will be the number ones. 

Go get Playstation 4 now!

p/s: GT6 in my wishlist. Pure petrolhead will get PS4 no matter what.


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