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Thursday, 11 October 2012

LOCAL: AES why must I follow?

Please fear me! Im the AES!!
12 reason why ones must fear and beware of the AES!

1. AES can change the human behavior, habit and driving culture through the 24 hour enforcement, no seasonal reaction, no human interference.

2. Increasing the level of Perception of Being Caught (POBC) to all of the road user from 25% to 50% and during Ops SIKAP it went to 90%..

3. AES were specialized in Speeding and Traffic light offenses.

4. All information were sent as real time to the AES control center. Complete with all the offender information and summon will be issues through mail post. System also will automatically sent the case information to the court for trial if the offender choose not to pay and wish for trial.

5. The system is secure, highly secretive, high intergrity and prepareness 247. Can be operated 247x 360 night and days.

6. Calibration for all detecting device are according to Akta Pengukuran Kebangsaaan 2007 that make all the offences to be prima facie.

7. Encryption for all the pictures and data were automatically send on the spot and breach of information is impossible.

8. The system structure were built so that offender cannot used any reason cause by the AES at court and law.

9. AES can also be used for other traffice offenses such as double line overtake, left side overtake, overload, queue line overtake, heavy vehicle that enter town area, and bus lane enforcement.

10. AES implementation were done by stages and its estimated to be completed 100% after 18 months of the lunched date.

11. Its have 3 type of unit which is static cameras, Vehicle mounted mobile unit, and stand alone mobile unit.
Static cameras.
Vehicle mounted mobile cameras.
Stand alone mobile unit cameras.
12. The pictures produced is so clear and highly detailed. It had a lot of function and can snap in night with the pictures produced is like a daylight.
Pictures taken normal.
This pictures can easily see the driver faces and the cars registration numbers.
This pictures were taken in the night thus it can adjust the brightness automatically for a crystal clear view.
Countries that used AES such as Thailand, Vietnam, France, German, Kuwait and United Kingdom were reported that all the car accident reported has been drastically reduced. Thus making the government were drastically increased in summon issued and road offences income when all offender had to paid their compound.

Such AES is great for all the road users safety.

Good job.



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